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T Image Col Papiro3.png Delivery of 1000 spears with the Woodborn stamp

When his royal majesty commissioned 1,000 spears from us, we thought it was a joke. Well, it's understandable... in these times of peace, who would make such an order?

A few days ago we received a letter with the news of an attack by ghouls in Windmills Town. Are you crazy?! Demons! And they weren't alone! A powerful witch commanded them! Since then, we've toiled night and day to have the weapons ready.

Together with this letter, you should receive 10 carts with the spears you commissioned. We hope that they arrive at Oblena soon enough to help you. Scouts say that Woodborn will soon be under attack. We trust you, we are entirely in your hands...

Yours faithfully, The mayor of Woodborn

Woodborn, on the main village before opening the Sawmill-Cathedral. The Golden Chest is on a small pumpkin patch on the backyard of one of the houses to the right from the main entrance to the village, on the street to the Red House.
T Image Col InsigniaAserradero.png Woodborn Insignia

Woodborn is a city renowned for the forest that surrounds it. It is said that its trees don't feed on water, but from something that flows under the forest. Not only does it have the best timber. The city also hosts some of the best timber experts in all of the known region. And the timber trade is its main source of income.

This badge is the highest honor that anyone can receive in the city. It can only be earned by personal merit.

Woodborn, on the small village close to the end of the pressing traps area. The Golden Chest is on a broken wood carriage near the end of the village.