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Day 12 of the summer solstice. Year 1000 of the Peace Age.

Resources: 1,200 sacks of wheat, 250 sacks of sweetcorn, 200 sacks of apples, 20 sacks of turnips, 10 casks of honey, 50 sacks of chickpeas, 100 sacks of onions, 300 baskets of grapes from The Vineyards, 200 logs of Woodborn processed wood...

Summary: there are plenty of supplies. Earlier in the season we thought this would be a dark year, but everything is coming up roses. 12 days have gone by since the remembrance day of the 1000 years of the Equilibrium War and we have wasted less resources than expected. If we can't consume everything, we should sell it. On a side note, today a foreigner caused a stir in the city. He said he had seen a demon in a nearby brook... And that's impossible. He should be punished, that is no laughing matter.

Windmills City, on the area under construction with the wood cranes. The Golden Chest is on the hidden shrine between the wall and the white house next to the large wood building.
T Image Col InsigniaMollino.png Windmills City Insignia

Windmills City is an old fortress city. In the past, it thrived on the production of corn. Its high walls also protected it from all kind of attacks. This badge is the highest honor that anyone can receive in the city. It can only be earned by personal merit.

Windmills City, on the basement of the large building. Accessed through the broken pipe on the cave system. The Golden Chest is hidden inside a pile of destructible Wood Crates.