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T Image Col Papiro4.png My dear Miarel

My dear Miarel, I miss you.

It's only a few weeks until we meet again. The last time I saw you, you were clinging to that black book and you seemed a bit downcast. I'm not sure if it's suitable for you. The spells seemed to be a little strange... dark. It's dangerous. Maybe you should throw it away or give it to someone. I'm concerned.

But anyway, I'm just writing to tell you that your sorcery exam will be a success, I'm sure of it. You will soon belong to the order of the wizards, what an honor! You are the best. With your growth acceleration spells you will allow the city to produce... more grapes than ever! You are wonderful.

Yours truly,


The Vineyards, on the low level of the first barrel-building. The Golden Chest is on a hidden room . Follow the yellow wire to find the activation lever.
T Image Col InsigniaBarril.png The Vineyards Insignia

The Vineyards is renowned for its abundant grape juice produce. The impressive cask-shaped buildings can be seen from afar. In the past, races from all the other regions wood flock to the city to taste its delicious grape juice.

This badge is the highest honor that anyone can receive in the city. It can only be earned by personal merit.

The Vineyards, on the second floor of the first barrel-building. The Golden Chest is close to the large pipe that leads to the elevator to the third floor. Accessed via the mechanism of the central room, one of the positions of the three rotating barrels opens the way to the secret door.