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T Image Col Papiro1.png The temple is falling into disrepair

The temple is falling into disrepair, the visitors from the old days don't come anymore. This can be explained by the emergence of new false gods and the 800 years without demons. But demons are still here, albeit hidden. And when one day we need the help of the Elder Protectors... who will aid us?

I can't see any way out... and I'm running out of time. As the last master of the temple, I must fulfill my duty of protecting them...

I will travel around the cities. I'll try to build shrines in each one of them. I can do it... I just need some more time.

Temple of the Elder Protectors. The Golden Chest is at the upper part of the main chamber in front of the large stone door. Is the only mandatory Relic in the game because it opens the stone door to the exit of the temple.