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T Image Col Papiro1.png The temple is falling into disrepair

The temple is falling into disrepair, the visitors from the old days don't come anymore. This can be explained by the emergence of new false gods and the 800 years without demons. But demons are still here, albeit hidden. And when one day we need the help of the Elder Protectors... who will aid us?

I can't see any way out... and I'm running out of time. As the last master of the temple, I must fulfill my duty of protecting them...

I will travel around the cities. I'll try to build shrines in each one of them. I can do it... I just need some more time.

Temple of the Elder Protectors. The Golden Chest is at the upper part of the main chamber in front of the large stone door. Is the only mandatory Relic in the game because it opens the stone door to the exit of the temple.
T Image Col Papiro2.png Accounts of the Royal Barn reserve

Day 12 of the summer solstice. Year 1000 of the Peace Age.

Resources: 1,200 sacks of wheat, 250 sacks of sweetcorn, 200 sacks of apples, 20 sacks of turnips, 10 casks of honey, 50 sacks of chickpeas, 100 sacks of onions, 300 baskets of grapes from The Vineyards, 200 logs of Woodborn processed wood...

Summary: there are plenty of supplies. Earlier in the season we thought this would be a dark year, but everything is coming up roses. 12 days have gone by since the remembrance day of the 1000 years of the Equilibrium War and we have wasted less resources than expected. If we can't consume everything, we should sell it. On a side note, today a foreigner caused a stir in the city. He said he had seen a demon in a nearby brook... And that's impossible. He should be punished, that is no laughing matter.

Windmills City, on the area under construction with the wood cranes. The Golden Chest is on the hidden shrine between the wall and the white house next to the large wood building.
T Image Col Papiro3.png Delivery of 1000 spears with the Woodborn stamp

When his royal majesty commissioned 1,000 spears from us, we thought it was a joke. Well, it's understandable... in these times of peace, who would make such an order?

A few days ago we received a letter with the news of an attack by ghouls in Windmills Town. Are you crazy?! Demons! And they weren't alone! A powerful witch commanded them! Since then, we've toiled night and day to have the weapons ready.

Together with this letter, you should receive 10 carts with the spears you commissioned. We hope that they arrive at Oblena soon enough to help you. Scouts say that Woodborn will soon be under attack. We trust you, we are entirely in your hands...

Yours faithfully, The mayor of Woodborn

Woodborn, on the main village before opening the Sawmill-Cathedral. The Golden Chest is on a small pumpkin patch on the backyard of one of the houses to the right from the main entrance to the village, on the street to the Red House.
T Image Col Papiro4.png My dear Miarel

My dear Miarel, I miss you.

It's only a few weeks until we meet again. The last time I saw you, you were clinging to that black book and you seemed a bit downcast. I'm not sure if it's suitable for you. The spells seemed to be a little strange... dark. It's dangerous. Maybe you should throw it away or give it to someone. I'm concerned.

But anyway, I'm just writing to tell you that your sorcery exam will be a success, I'm sure of it. You will soon belong to the order of the wizards, what an honor! You are the best. With your growth acceleration spells you will allow the city to produce... more grapes than ever! You are wonderful.

Yours truly,


The Vineyards, on the low level of the first barrel-building. The Golden Chest is on a hidden room . Follow the yellow wire to find the activation lever.