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T Image Col Ghost.png Past Ghosts

These creatures are found in dark places, usually in the temples of each region. There are different types of Ghosts from the past, and all of them are dangerous.

According to the legends, they are the souls of traitors. From those who promised to serve the Elder Protectors and ended forsaking them. So they now haunt the temples, where they must fulfill their oath by guarding the remains of the Elder Protectors.

If you come across one of these creatures, you'll have to be brave. It mustn't sense your fear.

Inside the shrine of the Quietstone Graveyard. After solving the four statues puzzle.
T Image Col Ghoul.png Ghoul

Evil creatures, closely related to demons, that dwell in hostile and uninhabited places. These minions of evil are already mentioned in collections of tales such as the Arabian Nights. They don't travel alone, they always come in hordes.

They were the first to arrive when evil took over the region of Oblena. The countless hordes quickly spread. But they couldn't do it alone; to conquer the region they needed the support of other evil creatures.

Beware if you come across one of these creatures... there could be many more nearby.

On the Ghoul Encampment hidden inside the small forest between Windmills City and the three towers of Harmony Obelisks.
T Image Col Skull.png SkullThrower

Evil creatures, closely related to demons, that dwell in hostile and uninhabited places. These minions of evil are already mentioned in collections of tales such as the Arabian Nights. They don't travel alone, they always come in hordes.

They belong to the family of the ghouls. However, unlike them, they carry a sack full of skulls on their back. It might seem funny, but suffering the impact of a skull hurled by the ghouls can be extremely painful.

If you come across these creatures... dodge the skulls that they throw!

At the top of the wood watchtowers South-West from Windmills City.
T Image Col Runner.png Runner

Fast and stealthy mythological creatures. Kappas like water, so they are usually found near lakes and rivers. That's probably the reason why, once evil had overcome Oblena, they stayed close to the many brooks in the region.

Their nimbleness and stealth can be lethal, as they can inflict many wounds with a single blow. They dread fire, as it can easily damage their thin skin.

If you come across one of these creatures, you'll have to leverage its attacks.

On the wood platform of the fishing village inside the Great Forest of Woodborn.
T Image Col Demon.png Imp

These creatures have a humanoid appearance, with an extremely large head compared to their body.

They like fooling travelers and playing pranks. Frequently, their jokes can cause wounds, as they are unable to control their shenanigans and don't mind destroying anything on their way.

If you come across these creatures... try to avoid getting hurt by their jokes!

On the first floor of the Quick Imp Race. Accessed via a door that opens after completing the Time Trial Challenge surfing with Runestone.
T Image Col Lich.png Mr. Lich

These creatures used to be sorcerers that mastered magic. Their thirst for immortality drove them to a world of darkness.

They are extremely dangerous, as their cry can summon imp demons. The more demons they has around them, the more alive they feel. Also, they can inflict short-distance damage by punching the ground.

If you come across these creatures, watch your step... think before you act and look for their weakness.

Inside the small forest close to the main road between Windmills City and The Vineyards.
T Image Col Swamp.png Marsh Monster

Creatures known for their extreme deformity. They appeared among the vegetation and the miasma rising from the marshes, and the minerals they bear on their skin reflect their poisonous nature.

They usually live in the marshes but, like all evil creatures, they follow the calling of evil when it comes. A powerful evil moved them away from the marshes and drove them to Oblena.

These creatures move slowly, just like their reflexes. However, they are usually very strong enemies, which boosts their reach.

If you come across one of these creatures, you must move fast... or flee.

The swamp area going South from The Temple of Oblena.
T Image Col Book.png The Equilibrium War

A long time ago, there was a war. A war between good and evil. All the races from the known territories joined forces. They had waged war with one another for centuries... until they discovered they weren't alone.

A powerful evil began to spread from the shadows. They were horrifying creatures. It is said that they were born from wizards that tried to achieve immortality through their own magic.

The Equilibrium War mustered all the races against those evil creatures. After many years of war, good prevailed. But at a high cost... a terrible one. Centuries of peace ensued. But everyone knows the wizards and their ambition... so maybe one day everything will happen all over again. And maybe, in the next war... victory will change sides.

At the tallest tower on the Harmony Obelisks.
T Image Col BookBlack.png Burnt black book

A book with weird symbols. It looks like somebody tried to burn it... but some sentences from the index are still readable.

"Controlling Nature".

"Commanding the non-dead"

"Removing years of age"

"Levitating without using magical objects"

Nothing else is legible. The book is burnt.

The burned cabin South-East from the Temple of Oblena.
T Image Col Mask.png Mask of the Sonii

The Sonii inhabited the land of Oblena before evil took over everything. No one knows where they went when they left the region, but the masters say that they will return once the land is safe again.

Despite their tribal and awe-inspiring appearance, they were pacific beings. They crafted their masks with bird feathers and white stones on their faces. It looked as if they were wearing a skull, but it wasn't so. As many civilizations before, it was just a play put on to scare off potential enemies.

Will the Sonii come back some day?

At the top of the wood tower on the Fishing Fish Gangways.
T Image Col Pan.png Pan with the Royal Army's seal

The pan that was retrieved features an original seal of the Royal Army. The material looks solid and of good quality. It was surely used to feed the soldiers in the field.

If the pan has the royal seal, the Royal Army must have reached Oblena to aid the Sonii. But... where's the army gone? Why isn't there any trace of it? What really happened here?

And if the Royal Army was defeated... who will be able to defeat the evil that rules over Oblena? Perhaps, if the devils expand to other regions, it will be the end of the world as we know it.

Close to the exit corridor on Fire Hammer Coliseum, after completing the Combat Challenge.