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T Image Col Mask.png Mask of the Sonii

The Sonii inhabited the land of Oblena before evil took over everything. No one knows where they went when they left the region, but the masters say that they will return once the land is safe again.

Despite their tribal and awe-inspiring appearance, they were pacific beings. They crafted their masks with bird feathers and white stones on their faces. It looked as if they were wearing a skull, but it wasn't so. As many civilizations before, it was just a play put on to scare off potential enemies.

Will the Sonii come back some day?

At the top of the wood tower on the Fishing Fish Gangways.
T Image Col Pan.png Pan with the Royal Army's seal

The pan that was retrieved features an original seal of the Royal Army. The material looks solid and of good quality. It was surely used to feed the soldiers in the field.

If the pan has the royal seal, the Royal Army must have reached Oblena to aid the Sonii. But... where's the army gone? Why isn't there any trace of it? What really happened here?

And if the Royal Army was defeated... who will be able to defeat the evil that rules over Oblena? Perhaps, if the devils expand to other regions, it will be the end of the world as we know it.

Close to the exit corridor on Fire Hammer Coliseum, after completing the Combat Challenge.