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T Image Col Book.png The Equilibrium War

A long time ago, there was a war. A war between good and evil. All the races from the known territories joined forces. They had waged war with one another for centuries... until they discovered they weren't alone.

A powerful evil began to spread from the shadows. They were horrifying creatures. It is said that they were born from wizards that tried to achieve immortality through their own magic.

The Equilibrium War mustered all the races against those evil creatures. After many years of war, good prevailed. But at a high cost... a terrible one. Centuries of peace ensued. But everyone knows the wizards and their ambition... so maybe one day everything will happen all over again. And maybe, in the next war... victory will change sides.

At the tallest tower on the Harmony Obelisks.
T Image Col BookBlack.png Burnt black book

A book with weird symbols. It looks like somebody tried to burn it... but some sentences from the index are still readable.

"Controlling Nature".

"Commanding the non-dead"

"Removing years of age"

"Levitating without using magical objects"

Nothing else is legible. The book is burnt.

The burned cabin South-East from the Temple of Oblena.