Effie Wiki
Image Title How to Unlock
Icon Bronze WelcomeRunestone.png More than a companion Get Runestone.
Icon Bronze Dash.png Beware, I can ram you! Get the Dash skill.
Icons Bronze Boomerang.png Round... and round... and round I go! Get the Boomerang skill.
64x64 Was that an earthquake? Get the Earthquake skill.
64x64 Speed lover Reach the maximum speed surfing.
64x64 Vigorous Upgrade Galand's power for the first time.
64x64 The Three Towers In The Big Parade, complete the level without falling into the crowd once.
64x64 Maximus "the Gladiator" In Murder on the Owl Express, fail to get any of the clues before midnight.
64x64 2 Fast 2 Furious Hookshot the fan in the Mail Room in The Space Ship.
64x64 Ghostbusters Manage to get a total of 2000+ points combined with the high scores for

Murder on the Owl Express, Picture Perfect, Train Rush and The Big Parade.

64x64 A walk to remember Sit in three different chairs.
64x64 Tomb raider Light up Hat Kid's Spaceship.
64x64 The Librarian Collect all ten Time Pieces in Mafia Town.
64x64 The Searcher Complete Train Rush without dying or collecting a single Extra Time pickup.
64x64 Taster of stories Equip the 1-Hit Hero Badge, then defeat a boss while wearing it.
64x64 Private eye Galand Complete 5 Homing Attacks in the air in a row without touching the ground once.
64x64 A small victory Find the hidden fort in The Space Ship.
64x64 Protector of cities Equip your first Badge.
64x64 Songs will be sung Collect all 40 Time Pieces.
64x64 A sweet victory In Dead Bird Studios, get through the entire Act without being caught once.
Sequence Break In Welcome to Mafia Town, get the Time Piece without even seeing Mustashe Girl once.
Slip 'n Slide Slide down a very big slide in Mafia Town.
Subcon Forest - All clear! Collect all nine Time Pieces in Subcon Forest.
Take a Hike Climb to the top of Subcon Forest's big mushroom.
The Floor is Lava In The Lava Cake Peak, make it to the Time Piece without once touching the lava.
True Detective In Murder on the Owl Express, collect all six pieces of evidence before midnight.
Vacuum Vandal Ride Hat Kid's vacuum in The Space Ship.
Why Search for a dirty word, or tell that to one of the Crows.