Effie Wiki
Image Title How to Unlock
Icon Bronze WelcomeRunestone More than a companion Get Runestone.
Icon Bronze Dash Beware, I can ram you! Get the Dash skill.
Icons Bronze Boomerang Round... and round... and round I go! Get the Boomerang skill.
Icon Bronze Earthquake Was that an earthquake? Get the Earthquake skill.
Icons Bronze ActivateTurbos Speed lover Reach the maximum speed surfing.
Icon Bronze Vigoroso Vigorous Upgrade Galand's power for the first time.
Icon Silver LasTresTorres The Three Towers Complete the Three Towers area.
Icon Silver FightChallenge Maximus "the Gladiator" Complete the Coliseum area.
Icon Silver 2Fast2Furious 2 Fast 2 Furious Complete the Time Trial area.
Icon Silver CementeryZone Ghostbusters Complete the Graveyard area.
Icon Silver AWalkToRemember A walk to remember Complete the Gangways area.
Icon Silver Asaltatumbas Tomb raider Find all relics in the Temple of the Elder Protectors.
Icon Silver WindmillsCollectables The Librarian Find all relics in Windmills Town.
Icon Silver WoodbornCollectables The Searcher Find all relics in Woodborn.
Icon Silver WineCollectables Taster of stories Find all relics in The Vineyards.
Icon Silver GalandDetective Private eye Galand Find all relics in the Red Plains of Oblena.
Icon Bronze ALittleVictory A small victory Defeat Melira at the Temple of the Elder Protectors.
Icon Silver WindmillsMelira Protector of cities Defeat Melia at Windmills Town.
Icon Silver WoodbornMelira Songs will be sung Defeat Melia at Woodborn.
Icon Silver VineyardsMelira A sweet victory Defeat Melira at The Vineyards.
Icon Gold MaxExperience Experienced Open 20 Experience Chests.
Icon Gold GalandStrong Galand "the Powerful" Upgrade Galand's power to the maximum level.
Icon Gold BestPossibleMate The best companion ever Get all Runestone skills.
Icon Gold AllCollectables Collector Find all relics.
Icon Gold MeliraDefeated The end of an adventure Defeat Melira at the Temple of Oblena.
Icon Platinum Effie Effie, a fantasy adventure Get all trophies of Effie.